• Hello, Stefan!
    My name is Nikita, i’m from Russia.I made an order from your site on 04.07.2011, and i had already recived the stuff on 20.07.2011.
    I’m so surprised about that fact, because post office in Russia is very lazy, once I was waiting for my order from the USA for two and a half months, but it was shipped by US to Russia in 10! days.
    I really like the plug, if you are interested in my DIY or some photos of the process or the result, I’ll be able to send them to you as soon as I recieve my technical book of my mk6 gti.
    I think, i’ll make another order soon, because my friends enjoied glass-de-wipering-plug too!
    Excuse me my grammar please)

    Best regards, Nikita Sharikov

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