• Manuel removed the wiper of his Polo 6R

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    Thanks to Manuel to hier Volkswagen Polo 6R pictures of disessambling the rear wiper including pictures from facing/cover and wiper-motor inside the boot cap.

    Hallo, so ist alles montiert. Super Glasstopfen hast du da… Bilder sind im Anhang wenn du noch was wissen willst fragst halt einfach. Nochmal besten Dank. MfgNemeskal Manuel

    First you have to disessamble the rear wiper by pulling the plastic cap and removing the female screw.

    To pull the wiper arm you might use a pulling tool (VW special) but you also able to carefully lever it with a big screw driver.

    Step 2 is to remove the inner casing of the Polo 6R trunk lid.

    First put the Torx20 screws out.

    Here is a closeup of the TORX screw. U cant use a normal screw driver!

    After unscrewing the facing use a edged tool ore something like this and pull the clamps out of the trunk lid. It might work a little hard but take care not to damage the cover or anything else. Take your time!

    This is how the casing looks from the inside. You can see where the clamps are. They might fall down just put them back in place while mounting the cover inside the polo 6r again.

    Step 3 Is all about de-wipering final steps.

    First disessamble the wiper motor by removing the screws threetimes. This is how the wiper motor of a Volkswagen Polo 6R looks like.

    Now comes the fun part: Mounting the Glass Grommet from the inside of the boot cap to your rear vw Polo 6R window:

    Clean the wiper hole first!


    Use a glass grommet from , it will look like oem specs and gives a seamless result when you finaly check the de-wipered backside of your ride.

    Perfect de-wipered Volkswagen POLO 6R. What you think? Write a comment below.

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