DE-WIPER the World!

For all of you searching for a custom modification which nobody realy knows but everybody notices while watching your nice and clean car from behind. DE-WIPERING (removing the rear wiper) is easy and has a big impact to optic and design. Watch out the latest reviews and pictures at this website. Learn how to remove your wiper DIY and check the statements of others using a custom made glass...

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Easy DIY guidelines for everyone.

If you like to know how to remove the rear wiper of your Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Nissan, Opel or what ever make you might drive check out our GUIDES in the HowT Section. There you will find detailed pictures and STEP by STEP installation guides. And if YOU wanna write a REVIEW/GUIDE feel free to DO IT! There will be a huge discount on you next purchase on  

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The question is: why should YOU de-wiper your car and what is this all about?

Το προιον ειναι άψογο,100% γυαλί,κουμπώνει στο παρμπρίζ σαν εργοστασιακό.Μπαίνει πολύ έυκολα,ξεβιδώνουμε τον καθαριστήρα,αφαιρούμε τον πίσω ταμπλά,ξεβιδώνουμε τον μηχανισμό,και απλά κολλάμε την τάπα στο κενό.Το αποτέλεσμα είναι άψογο με λεία επίπεδη επιφάνεια. - Alex said: de-wipering plug golf mk4

The quality of the plug is amazing, so well cut and fits perfectly. I would definitely recommend this bung for anyone who wants to create a smooth looking rear end. - Joe said: Finishes off your car nicely.

sehr gute Ware. habe den Glasstopfen an meinem Skoda Fabia verbaut. einfach nur TOP :) sehr gute Qualität, 100% Passgenau sehr gute Optik :) Danke - Andreas said:

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