• Manuel removed the wiper of his Polo 6R

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    Thanks to Manuel to hier Volkswagen Polo 6R pictures of disessambling the rear wiper including pictures from facing/cover and wiper-motor inside the boot cap. First you have to disessamble the rear wiper by pulling the plastic cap and removing the female screw. To pull the wiper arm you might use a pulling tool (VW special) …


  • Heya Stefan 🙂

    Just wanted to let you know i got my grommets … safe and sound back in the back of my window now 🙂

    Thansk very much for all your patience and help in this regard.

    Keep well and regards,

  • Удаление стеклоочистителя на примере Volkswagen Golf mk6.

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    Here is a realy nice written guide how to de-wiper a volkswagen mk6. I can’t say how much i appreciate Nikitas work. Thanks to you and this awesome tutorial in to learn how to remove the rear wiper of a vw golf 6. Удаление стеклоочистителя, на примере Volkswagen Golf mk6. Весь процесс можно разделить на …


  • Ron said: This was a perfect fit to my A4 B7, now has car my an even more sexy behind!! =D

  • Today Ronny said: Most og the people in vwaudi club norwegen knows about this product:)
    Absolutely worth the money!


    Info: Vwaudi club norwegen has over 7000 members ( You need to be a member to post topics.

  • Hello Stefan,

    And thank you again for your excellent and quick service.

    The new grommet that I just got from you was a perfect fit and is now instaled on my car. When I get the chance I’ll take some photos of it and send to you.
    There is allready several other frends of mine that have been visiting me to see how it looked. And all of them are considering to buy gromets from you and do the same to their own cars.

    Thanks again, I’ll will definitely contact you again when I need any of your products.

    Best regards,
    Tommy Hagelund



  • Hello, Stefan!
    My name is Nikita, i’m from Russia.I made an order from your site on 04.07.2011, and i had already recived the stuff on 20.07.2011.
    I’m so surprised about that fact, because post office in Russia is very lazy, once I was waiting for my order from the USA for two and a half months, but it was shipped by US to Russia in 10! days.
    I really like the plug, if you are interested in my DIY or some photos of the process or the result, I’ll be able to send them to you as soon as I recieve my technical book of my mk6 gti.
    I think, i’ll make another order soon, because my friends enjoied glass-de-wipering-plug too!
    Excuse me my grammar please)

    Best regards, Nikita Sharikov

  • First of all I would like to thank you for your extremly good and quick service, the four window plugs and mounting kits that I ordered from you just arrived today. (Tommy H.)

  • Tomas said in his email: Received today, thank you very much. 🙂 I’m very happy with it. I will recommend you to my friends.

  • Michael sent a email today saying, that the glass-stopper fits perfect into the rear wiper-hole of his 2009 FIAT Grande Punto.

    Wollte nur bescheit sagen, das der Stopfen heute angekommen ist und auch heroragend passt.
    mfg Michael

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